Join us for a fun day of golf to support Tee It Up for the Troops Sioux Falls 2022!

Tee It Up for the Troops was created in 2005 to Honor, Remember, Respect and Support our veterans and military families.  This event provides the opportunity to "step up to the tee" to honor and support these American Heroes.  It is important now, more than ever, to setp up and show how thankful we are of their service and sacrifice. 

This event, along with other events around the country, have helped Tee It Up for the Troops support these 6 core pillars through both national and local partners:  Sports Rehabilitation, Employment, Housing/Homelessness, Family & Caregiver Support, Suicide Prevention, and PTS Treatment.  Last year, we were able to support the DTOM22/0 Foundation and Veterans Ranch in Warner, SD.  

Don't forget to register for our auction and bid on some fantastic items.  You can view our auction here, and start placing your bids.  Note:  your credit card won't be charged, unless you are a winning bidder.  

Come on out and join the fun!

Thank You to our Sponsors

"There are three ways of learning golf: by study, which is the most wearisome; by imitation, which is the most fallacious; and by experience, which is the most bitter."